Communications Unit

The Communications Unit is comprised of the Fire Communications Center, the Fire Survey Unit, the Training Unit, and the Quality Assurance Unit.

The Fire Communications Center is responsible for the processing of Fire and EMS calls placed through the 9-1-1 system. The Communications Center is then responsible for the dispatch and coordination of communications with responding units.

The Fire Survey Unit is responsible for the development and implementation of necessary technical support needed to provide the Communications Center with current response data for response trend analysis. This unit is currently working on numerous projects, some of which include an upgrade to the City Wide 800 MHz radio system, as well as enhancements to the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). The Training Unit of the FCC currently oversees the initial and annual refresher training of all Dispatchers.

The Quality Assurance Unit of the FCC is responsible for the statewide adherence to established 9-1-1 communications centers goals and procedures and provides a framework for continuous improvement of the overall operations of 9-1-1 communications.