The portfolio of the Safety Officer and staff includes four main areas of responsibility:

  • The Safety Office is the repository of all data and information pertinent to personnel injuries and vehicular accidents.  The Office is responsible for the investigation of such incidents as well as "near misses" and for the collection, review, evaluation, and maintenance of all relevant information.
  • The Office produces a series of instructive and cautionary desktop publications based upon lessons learned through such investigation and review.  These publications and other safety programs are intended to ensure safety while responding to and operating at emergency scenes, as well as in the workplace.
  • The Safety Office is responsible for the initial driver training of all incoming Firefighter and Paramedic Cadets through the provision of the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC).  The Office also develops and provides continuing driver education programs and remedial training designed to foster safe driving practices among PFD members.
  • The Safety Office portfolio includes the management, administration, and general oversight of all personal protective clothing issues for the uniformed forces.  Some related responsibilities include:  budgeting, vendor contract management, component evaluation, specification development, measurement and fitting, acquisition, distribution, inventory control, etc.


Recently, the delivery and installation of the new virtual reality driving simulation system has been completed at the Safety Office. The system consists of an Instructor Operator Station and four individual driving/training positions. Three of the units include tiller simulation capability while the remaining unit will allow for training in EMS and SUV vehicle configurations.