Automation services initiated the design, development, and implementation of the Department's Wide Area Network.  MIS manages and supports 2700+ users in a Wide Area Network consisting of 11 Servers, 350+ computers, 40 laptops at 65 remote locations utilizing one of the smallest technical staffs in the entire City.   This included the installation of the network infrastructure, cabling, related communication devices, and providing daily technical support.

The Department continually upgrades its hardware and software on a regular basis in order to keep up with the latest technology and to maintain Network Security and Enterprise Virus protection.  Our Microsoft Windows Server based network will be the foundation for many applications and programs for many years to come.  MIS has completed upgrading 120 Field Computer at 65 Remote Locations from Windows NT to Windows XP computers.  We are continuing the computer replacement and upgrade of 150 Windows NT computer to Windows XP completing our migration to a total Windows 2000/ P Active Directory based Wide Area Network.  

MIS has recently created 477 new e-mail accounts enabling all of our Field Officers to have e-mail access.  The Unit now provides technical support and maintenance for over 685 Lotus Notes e-mail users.  

The Department has just completed the first phase of implementing the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) project.  We are now entering the next phase where we are training a Battalion of users on the NFIRS System who will then begin Pilot testing.  The Live system will consist of  two clustered Windows 2003 Enterprise Servers for data protection and redundancy, using Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end database to manage data continuously from our 65 remote locations.  NFIRS is a Multi-user, Client / Server, Windows-based system which operates over our Wide Area Network for reporting all emergency incidents and report generation.