In total, 65 buildings are maintained by this Office, including the Fire Academy Training Complex, the Fire Administration Building, Fireman's Hall Museum, and all Fire Stations throughout the City.  

Facilities Maintenance personnel complete numerous repairs on a daily basis.  These various repairs include, but are not limited to, electrical, plumbing, concrete, and asphalt.  This Office also installs acoustical ceilings, drywall, flooring, and doors.  

Along with the daily repairs, the maintenance personnel manufacture and install kitchen cabinets and counter tops.  This Unit is also responsible for the repair of most firefighting equipment.  The repairs included:  electrical, plumbing, carpentry, doors and locks, appliances (repair and installation), and other miscellaneous repairs.

Additionally,  maintenance personnel perform:  snow removal at the Fire Administration Building or any facility that requests it, lawn and tree maintenance at the Fire Administration Building, and set up of the auditorium for press conferences and the many meetings that are held in the FAB. Maintenance personnel are on call for any emergency that may arise.