The Philadelphia Fire Academy trains Philadelphia recruits, current firefighters and paramedics, outside City agencies, and surrounding fire departments. The Academy  is charged with molding the future of the Department through new recruit training on both the Emergency Medical and Fire Suppression sides.

The Fire Academy facility also hosts:

  • Local Community College classes
  • Other City agency’s meetings
  • Inter-agency drills such as ~
    • The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) exercises
    • Annual Southeastern Pennsylvania Hazardous Materials Task Force (SEPHMTF) inter-operability training at the command and technician level.

Paramedic Training

  • Paramedic recruit training consists of seven weeks of daily physical fitness training, Advanced Life Support protocols, and an overview of Fire Suppression.
  • The Academic training  is followed by eight weeks of supervised ride-along time with an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Unit in the City.

Fire-fighter Training

  • Fire recruits attend the Academy for five months of intense training. This training consists of two months Emergency Medical Technician training, daily Physical Fitness training, two months of Fire Suppression training, and one month of Hazardous Materials Operations training and Emergency Vehicle Operations training.
  • All fire recruits graduate with FFI certification and Emergency Medical Technician qualification, both through the State of Pennsylvania.