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City of Philadelphia


Arts & Culture

The City of Philadelphia is enthusiastically involved in weaving arts and culture into Philadelphia’s social fabric and economy. We support artists, public art projects, neighborhood initiatives and city institutions.


The City puts a high priority on education with initiatives to keep students in high school, consider a career path and help both traditional and nontraditional students secure a college education.


Committed to bringing jobs to Philadelphia, the City actively works to make Philadelphia a leading choice for business and a desirable place for employees to live. We also offer education and training for both businesses and jobseekers.


Philadelphia is on its way to becoming the nation’s greenest city. We have one of the world’s largest parks, a vigorous recycling effort and a landmark team approach to sustainability. The City is dedicated to the health of our planet and our citizens.


Philadelphia’s well-being is improving thanks to programs that address nutrition, smoking, mental health, parenting and much more. Health-oriented programs are available every day, from adult day centers to free flu shots.


The City of Philadelphia believes in safe, attractive and affordable housing options. We help residents find and maintain housing, whether they’re an owner or a tenant.


Philadelphia is a place of choice for more and more people. Neighborhoods are full of community pride and cultural diversity. City programs aim to maintain these communities or help redevelop them through grants and public safety initiatives.

Public Safety

The City of Philadelphia aims to be one of the safest cities in America. We are committed to prevention, preparation and protection—no matter the emergency, event or natural disaster.


Philadelphia offers plenty of opportunities to relax, get fit and make friends. Enjoy a picnic in Fairmount Park. Explore a farmer’s market. Join a basketball league, or take in a game. It’s a great place to relax and unwind.

Transportation and Utilities

By foot, bike, car, bus or train, getting around is easy in Philadelphia. City transportation systems and utilities are of the highest caliber, and we work hard to maintain and improve them for our residents.

Urban Development

Realizing that Philadelphia’s strength is in its neighborhoods, the City strategically plans, develops, stabilizes and revitalizes its residential and business communities to best benefit those who live and work here.