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Providing a safe, fun place for Philadelphia's children to play each summer.

What we do

More than 50 years ago, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation started Playstreets, a program that closes designated streets to traffic so that kids have a safe place to play when school is out. The program has since spread to every neighborhood in the city.

In recent years, Playstreets have closed 450 to 500 city streets during the summer from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Each Playstreet has a resident supervisor who closes off the street to traffic in the morning and reopens it in the evening. To add to the fun, Playstreets participants can use free play equipment and supplies.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation's Summer Food Service Program provides daily lunches or snacks to each Playstreet. This makes the program particularly helpful in neighborhoods where families struggle during the summer months.


1515 Arch St.
10th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Process and eligibility

To be considered for Playstreets, your block must:

  • Assign a block resident as the Playstreet supervisor.
  • Not be within two blocks of another approved Playstreet, playground, or rec center.
  • Be a small, one-way street. No numbered street will be considered unless it is a dead end.
  • Have 75 percent of residents on the block sign the petition agreeing to a Playstreet.

You must fill out an application to be considered for Playstreets status. All applications must go through an approval process before a Playstreets permit is issued.

To get an application for Playstreets, call (215) 685-2719 or (215) 685-2720.

For information on becoming a feeding site, call the Summer Food Program at (215) 685-2725 or (215) 685-2726.