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Philadelphia’s participation in the Safety and Justice Challenge

Safety and Justice Challenge (SJC) Community Advisory Committee

Philadelphia’s criminal justice partner agencies have assembled a Community Advisory Committee through the MacArthur Foundation Safety and Justice Challenge.

The committee launched on October 31, 2019.


The role of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to support and contribute to the implementation of Philadelphia’s reform plan.

Committee members work together with the criminal justice partner agencies to fulfill their commitment to:

  • Reduce the size of the local jail population by 58%.
  • Reduce racial, ethnic, and economic disparities in the criminal justice system.
  • Enhance community safety.


CAC members have either been directly impacted by the criminal justice system or have significant experience with the criminal justice system. Participation in the CAC is on a volunteer basis.

For more information about the individuals who make up the CAC, read their biographies.

Join the CAC

We are currently accepting applications to join the CAC. To learn more about the CAC and its subcommittees, see our structure and procedures document.


Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. Email for additional information.


The CAC meets virtually every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and once a month in person at different locations identified by the CAC members.

The main activities of the CAC include:

  • Advising government agencies on what’s most important to people impacted by the criminal justice system directly.
  • Providing criminal justice partners with concrete ways to further the reform effort and actively respond to feedback.
  • Including diverse perspectives on criminal justice reform by drawing on community experience and knowledge.
  • Encouraging transparency and accountability regarding reform efforts within criminal justice partner agencies.

The CAC hosts public meetings and community events throughout the year. Past events include:

  • Embracing Philadelphia (Aug. 22, 2023): Community Day designed to give families a day of fun, interactive activities, and Criminal Justice Reform information and literature.
  • Legal Representation Discussion Panel: City residents were invited to an up close and personal conversation with the Defenders Association, Criminal Justice Advocates, and persons directly impacted by the Criminal Justice System.