Philadelphia has worked hard to be a welcoming place for all. The Office of LGBT Affairs serves the LGBTQ residents of Philadelphia through advocacy and inclusion. We are the eyes, ears, and voice of Philly’s LGBTQ community in City Hall.

Below, please find a list of local resources for LGBTQ residents in Philadelphia. If you need help navigating any of these resources, or you think your organization should be listed here too, please contact our office.

Housing Insecurity and Homelessness

Attic Youth Center
The Attic Youth Center creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth (ages 13-23) to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community. Offers free counseling and groups.
255 S. 16th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Lutheran Settlement House
Lutheran Settlement House is a non-profit, community based social service organization that serves over 14,000 women, men, and children each year through four program areas: Adult Education and Employment, Domestic Violence, Senior Services, and Homeless Services.
1340 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA. 19125

Valley Youth House
Valley Youth House provides prevention and intervention services, counseling, life skills and behavioral health services to abused, neglected, and homeless youth and their families.
42 South 15th St
Philadelphia PA 19102

Project H.O.M.E.
Project HOME empowers people to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty through affordable housing, employment, healthcare, and education.
1515 Fairmont Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Health and Wellness

The Support Center for Child Advocates
Child Advocates rallies for victims of child abuse and neglect with the goal of securing safety, justice, well-being and a permanent, nurturing environment for every child. They house a special LGBTQ Youth Project that provides access to justice, representation, safety and hope to youth of all ages who are in the Philadelphia child welfare system and who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
1617 JFK Blvd Suite 1200
Philadelphia, PA 19103

COLOURS Organization Inc
Support, prevention, and education services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer adults and youth of color.
1211 Chestnut St, Suite 910
Philadelphia Pa 19107

Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative (GALAEI)
GALAEI is a queer Latin@ social justice organization. Since 1989, the organization has provided social services and referrals around HIV/AIDS and sexual health, organizing, and networking. GALAEI operates the Trans Health Information Project (TIP), a peer-led program designed by and for trans-identified and gender nonconforming people. TIP provides outreach, sexual health counseling, HIV prevention and testing, health and safety workshops, assistance with legal name change, support through transition, and other resources.
149 West Susquehanna Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Mazzoni Center
Mazzoni Center provides comprehensive health and wellness services for youth and adults; services include primary medical care, mental health counseling, substance abuse services, HIV counseling and testing, support groups, case management, legal, health education, and outreach.
Main Office
21 S.12th St.  8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Primary Medical Care
809 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Morris Home
Morris Home supports trans and gender variant individuals as they develop the knowledge, skills and supports necessary to promote sobriety, manage emotional and behavioral difficulties, choose and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles, and develop healthy relationships.
5037 Woodland Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Philadelphia FIGHT
Philadelphia FIGHT is a comprehensive health services organization providing primary care, consumer education, research, and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS and those at high risk.
1233 Locust St, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP)
A program of Philadelphia FIGHT, Y-HEP (Youth Health Empowerment Project) works to reduce the spread of HIV and STDS among adolescents and young adults in the Philadelphia area through outreach, education services and activities.
1417 Locust St. 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Social Justice and Civil Rights

William Way LGBT Community Center 
The William Way Community Center seeks to encourage, support, and advocate for the wellbeing and acceptance of sexual and gender minorities through services, recreational, educational, and cultural programming.
1315 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
In Philadelphia, a criminal act that is motivated by prejudice or bias against someone because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity is considered a hate crime (Philadelphia law also covers people based on gender and disability). Federal and Pennsylvania laws only cover hate crimes  that are based upon race, color, religion,  national origin or ancestry Hate crimes strike at the core of who we are as humans beings and are devastating for victims and the larger community.

If you see a hate crime being committed against anyone, you should call 911 for the police immediately. You should also report it to the City of Philadelphia’s Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) at 215-686-4670 or  The PCHR also has an anonymous hotline at 215-686-2856 and you can also learn more about hate crimes.