The Philadelphia Information Locator System (PhILS) is a cooperative initiative between the Philadelphia Department of Records and the Free Library of Philadelphia. Funded by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Libraries, PhILS will provide access to information about City government.

PhILS will help users of government information determine what information is available on a particular topic or from a particular source, where that information is located, and how to access the information.

Please look over the list of frequently asked questions for more detailed information about the PhILS. If you would prefer to view the PhILS as text only, follow this link to the text-only version of this page and the rest of the PhILS.

Connect to the City of Philadelphia home page. This will provide links to current city agencies, their telephone numbers and locations of specific offices. Some forms are available for downloading from this site.


Visit the Philadelphia City Archives. for information about the city's archival records, genealogical records and other information. (This page updated on 17 December 1999)

Please note that the City Archives has moved to 548 Spring Garden Street and changed its telephone number to 215-685-9401.

Search for City government publications and other books at the Free Library using the Free Library's online catalog.
Here are some directions on how to find the right publications.

Mayors of Philadelphia, 1691-2000: A list of all of the Mayors of Philadelphia, their terms of office, and election results


Browse Philadelphia government agencies by name
Use this to view lists of government agencies and follow links.

In order to find other Government Information Locator Services, go to NAGARA (National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators.) This page has links to many archives and member agencies of NAGARA.

Any questions or comments regarding the PhILS should be directed to the PhILS administrator. We welcome your input.

Last updated on 3 November 2004.