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Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Place Names, L-P

The majority of the names from this list are taken from Philadelphia Almanac and Citizens' Manual which was edited by Kenneth Finkel and published by the Library Company of Philadelphia in 1994 and 1995. It has been augmented by the staff of the Philadelphia City Archives.

(R.D.A.) = Redevelopment Area.
NeighborhoodLocationDate(s) of
LaGrangeBetween Bustleton and Holmesburg, in the vicinity of Bustleton Avenue and Pennypack Creek.1855-1895
LaniganvilleVicinity of 36th Street and Girard Avenue.
Lansdowne VillageFailed real estate venture, 40th to 50th Streets, north of Parkside Avenue, that became part of site for Centennial Exhibition. Most of the property was acquired as part of Fairmount Park in 1860s and 1870s.
LawncrestCombination of Lawndale and Crescentville; on border with Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County.1970s
LawndaleNear Rising Sun and Oxford Avenue, south of Cottman Avenue. Named by a real estate developer.1946
Lehigh (R.D.A.)Bounded by Lehigh Avenue, 5th Street, Susquehanna Avenue and Broad Street1950-1968
LeveringtonAdjacent to Manayunk along Ridge Avenue, in the vicinity of Gorgas Lane. 1861
LevezytownAlso known as Livezeytown. Located in the vicinity of Rhawn Street and Verree Road. 1855
Lexington ParkBounded by Pennypack Creek on the east, Roosevelt Boulevard on the west, below Rhawn Street and above Cottman Avenue.1970s
LindleyVillage located at 7th Street and Lindley Avenue.
Little BritainNorth of Wayne and Chelten Avenues, in the vicinity of West Price Street.
LivezeytownSee Levezytown.
LoganAbove Roosevelt Boulevard, south of Olney Avenue. 1970s
Logan CircleArea from Schuylkill River to near Broad Street, from Market Street to Spring Garden Street. 1976
Logan's HillSee Negley's Hill.
Lombard (R.D.A.)Bounded by Market Street, 7th Street, Lombard Street, Broad Street, South Penn Square, and Juniper Street1952-1963
Lower DublinName of one of the original townships of Philadelphia, located in Northeast Philadelphia above Cottman Avenue.1693-1854
Lower TiogaBounded by Broad Street, Westmoreland Street, and the railroad.1980
LudlowEast of Broad Street, in the vicinity of Spring Garden Street.1970s
Lumar ParkBelow Somerton, bounded by Red Lion Road, Bustleton Avenue, and Woodhaven Road.1980
McCartersvilleSouth of Crescentville, along New Second Street Road.1843-1910
MacLeanBelmont Avenue and Conshohocken State Road.
McNabbtownVillage at SEPTA's Washington Lane station, near Awbury Arboretum.
ManatawnaUp Ridge Avenue from Andorra, near Manatawna Avenue. Native term meaning "where we drink liquor."(1888-1910
ManayunkNorth of Schuylkill River, upstream from the mouth of Wissahickon Creek. From the Native term meaning "where we go to drink." Renamed from Flat Rock after a brief interlude as Udoravia.1821
MantuaAcross from Philadelphia Zoo at railroad tracks to 30th Street Station. Laid about 1809.1843
MartinsvilleEast of Front Street, between Wolf and Porter Streets, vicinity of Greenwich Point Road and Southwark Canal.1861-1899
MayfairCottman and Frankford Avenue to Roosevelt Boulevard. Named by neighborhood civic association. 1929
MaylandsvilleAlso known as Maylandville. In the vicinity of Darby Road, at the crossing of Mill Creek, below Woodlands Cemetery.
Meadows, TheVicinity south of 84th Street, east of Darby Creek, north of Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, west of SEPTA's R1 railroad tracks.1980
MechanicstownAlso known as Mechanics Town, Pumpkinstown, and Pumpkin Town. Located around the intersection of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.1849-1855
MechanicsvilleAt the border of Buck County, southeast of Roosevelt Boulevard.1843
MiddletonUpper end of Germantown Avenue at intersection with Wissahickon Creek, now site of Chestnut Hill College. Named for Joseph Middleton who owned the site of the college.1843
Mifflin's HollowLocated along Midvale Avenue in East Falls.
MilestownLocated along Old York Road, north of Branchtown, above Oak Lane.1800-1910
MillbrookBelow Woodhaven Road in Northeast Philadelphia.1960s
Mill CreekNorth of Haverford Avenue, south of Girard Avenue, 45th to 52nd Streets.1970s
Mill Creek (R.D.A.)Bounded by Girard Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Haverford Avenue and 52nd Street. Enlarged in 1962 to include 52nd Street, Wyalusing Avenue, 53rd Street and Girard Avenue1948-1963
Modena ParkEast of Northeast Philadelphia Airport at Morrell Avenue.1970s
MolesvilleVicinity of Haddington.
MondalVillage near Cobbs Creek and Woodland Avenue, with a windmill and an early grist mill.
Monroe VillageAlso known as Monroeville. Located in the vicinity of 48th Street and Lancaster Avenue. 1849
MorelandName of one of the original townships in Philadelphia located in Northeast Philadelphia.1687-1854
Morrell ParkNorth of Grant Avenue, east of Northeast Philadelphia Airport.1970s
MorrisvilleAlso known as Morris City. Vicinity of Callowhill Street, between 22nd and 25th Streets; also in the vicinity of Kelly (East River) Drive near Girard Avenue.1830
MortonSouth of West Oak Lane, east of East Mount Airy, west of Broad Street.1970s
Morton (R.D.A.)Bounded by Germantown Avenue, High Street, Belfield Avenue, Musgrave Street, SEPTA's R7 railroad line, and Chelten Avenue1957-1963
Mount AiryBetween Johnson Street and Cresheim Creek, Wissahickon Creek and Stenton Avenue. Named for the mansion of William Allen, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania during the Colonial period.1843
Mount MoriahEast of Cobbs Creek, in the vicinity of Kingsessing Avenue.1980s
Mount PleasantAlso known as Mount Pleasant Village. Located around the intersection of Germantown Avenue and Mount Pleasant Avenue.(1800-1910
Mount VernonIn Manayunk, at the foot of Hermitage Street.
MoyamensingSouth central Philadelphia, between Passyunk and Wicaco. Said to mean "unclean place" or, more literally, "place of pigeon droppings." Also "place of meeting."18th century
Neck, TheSouthernmost part of South Philadelphia, below Moore Street.
Negley's HillAlso known as Logan's Hill. Along Germantown Avenue, above Wayne Junction station.
New PhiladelphiaA town proposed for the vicinity of Spring Garden Street between 19th street and the Schuylkill River.1799
NicetownSoutheast of Germantown, below Wayne Junction station. Named for de Neus, Dutch Huguenots who settled there about 1700.1808
Nicetown (R.D.A.)Bounded by Wingohocking Street, Broad Street, Roosevelt Boulevard, Germantown Avenue, Luzerne Street, Hunting Park Avenue, Pulaski Avenue and Tabor Branch of the old Reading Railroad. Enlarged to include Hunting Park Avenue, Wissahickon Avenue and Richmond Branch of the old Reading Railroad.1958
NittabaconckNative settlement on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, in the vicinity of East Falls.
NormandyAlso known as Normandy Village. East of Roosevelt Boulevard in the vicinity of Woodhaven and Byberry Roads.1980s
North Central (R.D.A.)Bounded by Spring Garden Street, Delaware River, Vine Street, 7th Street, Market Street, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 18th Street, Vine Street, 20th Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue1952-1963
North Penn VillageVicinity north of Susquehanna Avenue, between 25th and 30th Streets.1861-1899
North PhiladelphiaMost of the area north of Center City and south of Logan.
North Philadelphia (R.D.A.)Bounded by Lehigh Avenue, Front Street, Spring Garden Street and Fairmount Park1968
Northeast PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia between Shackamaxon and the Bucks County line.
Northern LibertiesNorth of Spring Garden Street, on Delaware River, to approximately Girard Avenue.1680s
Northwest PhiladelphiaThat part of Philadelphia northwest of the Roosevelt Boulevard, Stenton Avenue and Wister Street to Stenton Avenue. (Incorporates old Germantown and Roxborough townships)
NorthwoodVicinity of Adams Avenue at Roosevelt Boulevard, east to Frankford.1970s
Nya VasaSwedish settlement west of Schuylkill River and north of Philadelphia International Airport, opposite Girard Point. 17th century
OakdaleVicinity of the pleasure park at 12th and Huntingdon Streets, near Lehigh and Germantown Avenues.
Oak LaneNortheast of Broad Street and Godfrey Avenue. Named for a landmark oak tree.1895
OgontzFrom Ogontz Avenue to Broad Street above Olney Avenue.1980s
Old CityAlso known as Olde City. Bounded by Delaware River, Walnut Street, Spring Garden Street and 4th Street. 1950s
Old City (R.D.A.)Bounded by Vine Street, Delaware River, Lombard Street and 7th Street.1948-1963
Old KensingtonAlso known as Olde Kensington. Southern portion of Kensington located north of Northern Liberties, west of Fishtown. 1976
OlneyVicinity of 5th and Chew Streets, west of the railroad tracks to Fox Chase and east of Melrose Park. Named for the estate of Alexander Wilson. 1855
Ontario (R.D.A.)Bounded by Venango Street, Germantown Avenue, Allegheny Avenue and 15th Street1961
Orchard ParkIsland Road near 81st Street, north of Eastwick.1890s
OregonVicinity of Swampoodle.1840
OverbrookWest along City Avenue near Lancaster Avenue, where Pennsylvania Railroad built a station in 1867.1910s
Overbrook FarmsDevelopment started in the early 1890s around Overbrook Railroad Station.
Overbrook ParkVicinity of City Avenue and Cobbs Creek.1970s
OxfordName of one of the original townships of Philadelphia, originally bounded by Cottman Avenue, Delaware River, Frankford Creek, Tacony Creek and city line.1693-1854
Oxford CircleNorth of traffic circle where Roosevelt Boulevard and Cheltenham, Oxford and Castor Avenues intersect.1920s
Packer ParkAt southern end of Broad Street, north of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park and west of Broad Street.
Panorama HillSection of West Philadelphia from 49th to 53rd Streets, south of Girard Avenue. Now Cathedral Cemetery. 1853
ParadiseAt Hunting Park and Ridge Avenues, east of Schuylkill River bend, north of Strawberry Mansion Bridge, in the vicinity of Laurel Hill Cemetery.1970s
ParksideVicinity of Fairmount Park at Parkside Avenue, west of Belmont Avenue, bordering Wynnefield. 1980s
ParkwoodAlso known as Parkwood Manor. Near Bucks County border south of Mechanicsville, northeast of Woodhaven Road.1970s
PaschallVicinity of Cobbs Creek Park and Chester Avenue.1970s
PaschallvilleAlso known as Paschalville or Paschall Ville. Vicinity of Paschall Avenue and Island Road. 1861-1910
PassyunkAlso known as Passayunk, Passyonck, Passuming, Passajungh, Perslajongh, Passajon, and Paisajungh. All related to the Native pachsegink, meaning "in the valley" or "place between the hills." Areas of South Philadelphia, south of Tasker Avenue. 1680s
Passyunk HomesVicinity of 26th Street and Penrose Avenue. 1980s
Passyunk Square (R.D.A.)Bounded by Washington Avenue, 11th Street, Reed Street, 10th Street, Tasker Street, and Broad Street1948
PassyunkvilleVicinity of Point Breeze. 1811
Pattison Avenue East (R.D.A.)Bounded generally by 13th Street, Packer Avenue, Front Street, Oregon Avenue, Vandalia Street, railroad right-of-way, 11th Street, Pattison Avenue, Broad Street, and Geary Street.1954
Pauls RunNorth of Country Lane, west of Bustleton Avenue, south of Red Lion Road.1980s
PelhamA sister development to Overbrook Farms started in the 1890s on the Carpenter Estate between Germantown Avenue and the Carpenter Lane Station on SEPTA's R8 railroad line.
Pemberton (R.D.A.)Bounded by 21st, Bainbridge, 22nd and Pemberton Streets1967-1968
PemichpackaNative settlement, meaning "deep, dead water" or "a pond not having current," along Pennypack Creek.
PennName of both a township and a district both located in North Philadelphia west of 6th Street and north of Poplar Street1808-1854
Penn Center (R.D.A.)Bounded by Broad Street, 18th Street, Market Street and Vine Street. Enlarged to include 18th to 20th Streets, Market Street to John K. Kennedy Boulevard.1952-1967
Penn-KnoxSection of Germantown between Manheim Street and Chelten Avenue, Wayne and Germantown Avenues.1980s
PennsportSouth of Washington Avenue, along the Delaware River.1970s
Pennsport (R.D.A.)Bounded by Washington Avenue, Water Street, Snyder Avenue and 4th Street1968
PennypackBetween Northeast Philadelphia Airport and Pennypack Park. 1970s
Pennypack WoodsAlso known as Pennypack Village. Below Holme Avenue, east of Holme Circle, south of Academy Gardens.1970s
PittsvilleAlso known as Pittville. Located in the vicinity of the intersection of Limekiln Pike and Haines Street.1855-1910
Pleasant Hill.Easternmost section of Torresdale, below Poquessing Creek.1888
PleasantvilleSee Cedar Grove.
PleasantvilleSee Somerton
PleasantvilleAlso known as Terrapin Town or Tortleberg. Vicinity located east of Somerton.1843
Pluck HillFitler and Harrison Streets, near Frankford. Named for the play of butcher boys who battered each other with plucks, the innards of newly slaughtered animals. 1857
PlumbsockSee Byberry Cross.
PoetquessingAlso known as Poanpissing or Achpoquesing. Native for "a place abounding with mice" on banks on Poquessing Creek in Northeast Philadelphia.17th century
Point BreezeEast of Schuylkill River, north of Passyunk Avenue, south of Grays Ferry Avenue. 1895
Point-No-PointSouth of mouth of Frankford Creek, now Bridesburg.
Poor IslandAlong Delaware River near Shackamaxon, now part of Port Richmond.
PoplarNorth of Chinatown, between Spring Garden and Northern Liberties.1970s)
Poplar (R.D.A.)Bounded by Girard Avenue, Broad Street, 5th Street, and Spring Garden Street. Enlarged to include 8th Street, Girard Avenue, Franklin Street and Thompson Street.1948-1968
Port RichmondAlong Delaware River between Kensington and Frankford Creek. In 1728 a mansion was named "Richmond Hall" after a London suburb. The Port was added owing to the riverfront commerce. 1970s
Port Richmond (R.D.A.)Bounded by Richmond Street, Allegheny Avenue, Bath Street, Lippincott Street, Allen Street, Monmouth Street, Allen Street, and Cambria Street.1962
PoweltonAlso known as Powelton Village. South of Lancaster Avenue and Spring Garden Street, east of 42nd Street, and northwest of Powelton and Lancaster Avenues.1843
Powelton (R.D.A.)Bounded by right-of-way of SEPTA railroad tracks, Market Street, 46th Street, Haverford Avenue, 44th Street and Belmont Avenue1950-1963
Pratt Street (R.D.A.)Bounded by Bridge Street, Tacony Street, Aramingo Avenue, Margaret Street and the northern right-of-way of Frankford Creek1962
Preston (R.D.A.)Bounded by 41st, Preston, Parrish and Ogden Streets1967
Princeton StationSee Rockdale
Prospect HeightsNorth of Somerton.1890s
Province IslandLocated in Kingsessing.1843
PulaskitownSection of Germantown located west of Germantown Avenue near intersection of Morris Street and Queen Lane.
Pumpkin TownAlso known as Pumpkinstown. See Mechanicstown.

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