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Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Place Names, A-K

The majority of the names from this list are taken from Philadelphia Almanac and Citizens' Manual which was edited by Kenneth Finkel and published by the Library Company of Philadelphia in 1994 and 1995. It has been augmented by the staff of the Philadelphia City Archives.

(R.D.A.) = Redevelopment Area.
NeighborhoodLocationDate of
AbbotsfordSouth of 52nd Street and Baltimore Avenue.
AbbottsfordEast of Schuylkill River on heights below Falls of the Schuylkill, approximately where North Laurel Hill Cemetery is located.
Academy GardensVicinity of Willits Road and Pennypack Park. 1970s
AchpoquesingSee Poetquessing.
AdelphiAlong Indian Run, about 2 miles north of Haddington.
Allegheny WestEast bank of Schuylkill River, from Allegheny to Glenwood Avenues, to railroad tracks. 1970s
AndorraBeyond Roxborough, between Wissahickon Creek and Schuylkill River. Named for the European principality. 1861
AngoraVicinity of Cobbs Creek around Baltimore Avenue. Settled by David Callahan. 1861
AramingoAlso known as Gunner's Run. The former name is taken from the Native tumanaramingo, or "wolf walk"; the latter from a nearby creek. Located between Northern Liberties and Bridesburg.1850
Aramingo (R.D.A.)Bounded by Orthodox Street, Delaware River, Venango Street and railroad tracks.1948
ArmentownDerogatory name for early settlement in Germantown.
Art Museum AreaSee Fairmount.
ArunnaminkSouth of Woodland Avenue and west of Schuylkill River to Cobbs Creek.
Ashton-WoodenbridgeAlso known as Ashton-Wooden Bridge. Vicinity of Northeast Philadelphia Airport, including Wooden Bridge Run west to Academy Gardens. 1970s
AsoepekNative village, west of Frankford Creek.17th century
AstonAlso known as Astenville or Five Points. Intersection of Monument, Falls and Ford Roads. (West Philadelphia)
BabylonVillage located 2 mile southeast of Byberry Meeting.
Badlands, TheVicinity of 4th and Cambria Streets. Named by narcotics police and the media. 1991
Ball TownAlso known as Balton. South of Port Richmond, where Cramp's Shipyard stood. 1808
BankahoeNorth of Shackamaxon17th century
BaringNorth of Lancaster Avenue and 40th Street, south of Mantua. 1990
Bartram GardensAlso known as Bartram Village. Vicinity of 56th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard. 1980s
Bath TownAlso known as Bathtown and Rose of Bath. (1808). Vicinity of Germantown Road near Cohocksink Creek in present Northern Liberties. 1765
BebberstownAlso known as Beggarstown, Dogtown and Franklinville. Vicinity of Mennonite Church on Germantown Avenue between Gorgas Lane to Cliveden Street. Named for the Rev. Mathias van Bebber.
BelfieldVicinity of Chelten and Olney Avenues, Wister Street and Ogontz Avenue. Named for the Belfield Mansion. 1980
Bella VistaBetween 6th and 11th Streets, South Street to Washington Avenue. 1976
BellevueVicinity of Nicetown Lane and Westmoreland Street.
Bell's CornerSouth of Pennypack Creek, north of Rhawnhurst, vicinity of Algon Avenue and Horrocks Street.1980s
BelmontWest from Schuylkill River along Parkside Avenue and north to City Avenue. Named for the 1754 (extant) Peters family house in Fairmount Park. 1853
BentleyAbove Philmont Avenue, at border of Montgomery and Bucks Counties. 1980s
Black BottomVicinity of 40th and Market Streets, north and east to Haverford Avenue.
BlockleyLarge township on the west bank of the Schuylkill River, north of Kingsessing Township. Name was applied to the almshouse erected on west bank of Schuylkill River which later became the Philadelphia General Hospital. 1705-1861
Blocks, TheAt foot of Hays Lane, in Manayunk.
Blue BellWoodland Avenue and Cobbs Creek. 1843
Blue Bell HillVicinity of Walnut Lane and Johnson Street, north of Wissahickon Creek.
BonnafonVicinity of Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Station along Cobbs Creek near Darby Road.
BranchtownNamed for the Branchtown Hotel, Old York Road near Church Lane.1839-1910
BrewerytownEast bank of Schuylkill River, north of Fairmount. 1920s
BrickyardIrish section of Germantown.
BridesburgAlso known as Kirkbridesburg. Located along Delaware River, north of Frankford Creek, it was named for ferry operator and bridge owner, Joseph Kirkbride. 1843
BridetonVicinity of the east end of the Columbia Railroad Bridge, now in Fairmount Park.
BristolOne of the original townships of Philadelphia. Bounded by Cheltenham Avenue, Ivy Hill Road, Stenton Avenue, Wister Street, Wingohocking and Tacony Creeks.1696-1854
BurholmeVicinity of Cottman and Oxford Avenues and Verree Road. Named for the mansion on Cottman Avenue erected in 1860s.
Bush HillBetween 12th and 19th streets, Vine Street to Fairmount Avenue; named for the mid-18th century house and estate owned by members of the Hamilton family. 1808
BustletonAlso known as Busseltown. Located west of Roosevelt Boulevard, north of Pennypack Creek, adjacent to Northeast Philadelphia Airport. Named after the mid-18th century Busselton Tavern. 1843
ButchervilleVicinity of Haddington.
ByberryWest of Roosevelt Boulevard, above Somerton Avenue to Bucks County line. Name of one of the original townships of Philadelphia County. Settled by Swedes, renamed by English. 1703
Byberry CrossAlso known as Plumbsock. Junction of Byberry and Bensalem turnpikes. 1843-1861
Byberry PointWhere Bensalem Road branches from Bustleton Avenue. 1843-1861
CaliforniaVicinity of Swampoodle
CallowhillVicinity of 2nd and Callowhill Streets. 1768
Camac's Woods11th Street and Montgomery Avenue. Site for circuses, balloon ascensions, and athletic events. Named for Turner Camac's estate.1850
CampingtonVicinity of 2nd and Green Streets, where British troops camped in the 1750s.1808
Carcus HookVicinity of 84th Street (Hook Road) and Buist Avenue, north of Eastwick.
Carpenter's IslandNorth of Hog Island.1750
Carroll ParkBetween Lansdowne and Girard Avenues, from 52nd to 63rd Streets.1970s
CastorVicinity of Castor and Cottman Avenues. 1980
CedarbrookVicinity of Wadsworth Avenue, Stenton to Cheltenham Avenues.1970s
Cedar GroveAlso known as Helltown, Pleasantville. Vicinity of Limekiln Pike, above Washington Lane.
Cedar GroveAlso known as Whitaker's Hollow. Vicinity of Tacony Creek, Olney and Asylum Roads.
Cedar ParkLarchwood Avenue between 46th and 52nd Streets, south to SEPTA tracks. 1970s
Center CityThe original city of Philadelphia between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, Vine to South streets.
Center City (R.D.A.)Schuylkill to Delaware Rivers, Spring Garden to South Streets.1963
Chestnut HillNorthwestern Avenue to Cresheim Creek, Forbidden Drive to Stenton Avenue. 1704
ChinatownAlso known as China Town. Arch to Vine Streets, from 8th to 11th Streets. First Chinese business opened on 10th Street in 1850. 1926
ChingihamengIncluded Society Hill and part of Northern Liberties.1655
ClearviewEast of Cobbs Creek to Lindbergh Boulevard, between 78th & 84th Streets. 1888
CloverhillWest of Frankford, south of Tacony Creek and Juniata Parks. 1808
Cobbs CreekVicinity of Cobbs Creek Park, from Baltimore Avenue to Market Street. 1970s
CohocksinkAlso known as Cohocksink Village. Located in the vicinity of 6th Street and Germantown Avenue. Taken from the Native cuweuhacsink, or "pine woods." 1843
College Avenue (R.D.A.)Bounded by Master Street, Broad Street, South College Avenue, Ridge Avenue and Girard Avenue. Enlarged to include area bounded by Master, Jefferson, Willington and Sydenham Streets1960-1968
CollegevilleAbove Holmesburg, along Frankford Avenue, north of Pennypack Creek. 1843-1910
ComlyvilleVicinity of Frankford Creek, site of a powder magazine.
CooksockyAlso known as Wood=s Landing. Vicinity of East Falls, north of Mendenhall Ferry, on the west bank of the Schuylkill River.
CoopersvilleSee West Kensington.
CoquanocAlso known as Coaquannock or Cuwequenaku. A native village which once occupied a portion of Center City.
CorktownIrish section of West Philadelphia in the vicinity of Mantua.
Country LaneWest of Bustleton Avenue and Route 532. 1980s
CowtownAlso known as Kellyville. Vicinity of Chelten Avenue and Morton Street, in the Wingohocking Valley.
CreesamName of an unofficial "township" which stretched from Carpenter Lane to Northwestern Avenue. See also Cresheim.1734-1768
CrefeltAlso known as Crefeld. Tract of Chestnut Hill north of Rex Avenue to Northwestern Avenue. 1690s
CrescentvilleAlso known as Grubtown or Grubbstown. Located in the vicinity of Adams, Rising Sun, and Tabor Avenues. Named for an early 19th century rope factory. 1843
CresheimAlso known as Creesam or Kriesheim. Section of Germantown and Mount Airy between Washington Lane and Mermaid Lane. 1690s - 1768
Crestmont FarmsLocated along Bucks County line, at Poquessing Creek. 1970s
Cross RoadsVicinity of Byberry Road and Dunk's Ferry Road. 1843
Dearnley ParkLocated between Dearnley Street and Wigard Avenue, west of Ridge Avenue, in Roxborough. 1980s
DelawareName of a short-lived township located along the Delaware River in Northeast Philadelphia between Cottman Avenue and Poquessing Creek.1852-1854
Devil's PocketSouth of Lombard Street, east of 27th Street and north of Washington Avenue.
DogtownSee Bebberstown.
DovervilleNew name chosen for Roseville (over Goosetown, Geisseville, Bridgewater, and Christian Shore) by "respectable inhabitants" of village along Frankford Road, just below Frankford Creek. 1845
Dungan HillBustleton Avenue near Sandiford.
DunlapVicinity of Haverford Avenue and Market Street, 46th to 52nd Streets. 1980s
DyottsvilleVicinity south of Port Richmond. Named for the Dyott glass works. 1843
East FallsFormerly known as Falls of the Schuylkill, Falls Village. East side of Schuylkill River, about 2 mile south of the mouth of Wissahickon Creek. Named in the early 19th century for river rapids that disappeared after completion of the Fairmount Dam. 1946
East GermantownGermantown Avenue to Stenton Avenue in the vicinity of Chelten Avenue and Wister Street.
East Mount AiryMount Airy, east of Germantown Avenue. 1970s
East Oak LaneGodfrey Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue, east of Broad Street.1970s
EastwickAlso known as Gladwyn. Northwest of Philadelphia International Airport, vicinity of Heintz National Wildlife Refuge. Named for Andrew M. Eastwick. 1946
Eastwick (R.D.A.)Bounded by 58th Street, Schuylkill River, Penrose Avenue, Philadelphia International Airport, Delaware County line, Woodland, Island, Passyunk and Dicks Avenue, and Lindbergh Boulevard.1948
Einstein Southern (R.D.A)Bounded by 4th, Dickinson, 5th and Reed Streets1966
ElmwoodNorth of Eastwick, below Woodland Avenue. 1888
EvergreenSouth of South Street, east of Grays'= Ferry. 1808
FackenlandSouth of Frankford Creek. German for "fine land."17th century
FairhillFront to 10th Streets, Cumberland Street to Allegheny Avenue.1980s
FairmountAlso known as the Art Museum Area. West of Broad Street, between Girard Avenue and Spring Garden Streets.1970s
Fairmount (R.D.A.)Bounded by Girard Avenue, Broad Street, Spring Garden Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue1952-1968
Falls of the SchuylkillSee East Falls
Falls VillageSee East Falls
Far NortheastEast of Roosevelt Boulevard, north of Pennypack Creek.1970s
FeltonvilleSouth of Roosevelt Boulevard in the vicinity of Wyoming Avenue.1855
Fenian HillSection of Somerville in the vicinity of Church Lane and Limekiln Pike.
FernhillVicinity of Wissahickon and Wayne Avenues from Manheim Street to Roosevelt Boulevard. 1980
Fern RockBetween Olney and Oak Lane. Northern terminus of Broad Street Subway. Named for the estate of Arctic explorer Elisha Kent Kane.1899
Fisher's HollowVicinity of Frankford's Mill Creek on the Delaware River, reached by Fisher's Lane.
FishtownAlong the Delaware River below Kensington. Legend has it that Charles Dickens named the neighborhood in 1842, but the use is primarily 20th century.1920
Five PointsSee Ashton
Five PointsVicinity of Castor and Oxford Avenues, northeast of Frankford. 1855-1910
Flat IronSouth of Devil's Pocket.
Flat RockSee Manayunk
Forepaugh's RowSouth of Stenton Avenue and Wister Street, on Laveer Street, built as part of the winter quarters for Forepaugh's circus.late 19th century
Fox ChaseSouthwest of Pennypack Park along Montgomery County border. Named for an inn whose sign depicted fox hunters. 1843
FraleyvilleVicinity of Frankford near former arsenal where in 1816 Frederick Fraley began manufacturing small arms and ammunition.1843
FrancisvilleAlso known as Vineyard in 1808. South of Poplar Street and Ridge Avenue, where streets run perpendicular to Ridge.1843
FrankfordWest of Bridesburg and Wissinoming, east of Roosevelt Boulevard. Settled by Germans.17th century
FranklintownVine to Callowhill Streets in the vicinity of 17th Street.1980s
FranklinvilleVicinity of Erie Avenue to Westmoreland Street, between Broad Street and Sedgley Avenue.1888
FranklinvilleVicinity of 3rd and Butler Streets.
FranklinvilleSee Bebberstown.
Frog HollowSite of Wister and Smith Mills, near Central High School.
Gander HillWest of Swampoodle.
Garden CourtLocust Street to Hazel Avenue, 46th to 52nd Streets. Named after the Garden Court Apartment Building.
GermantownOriginally encompassing all of Northwest Philadelphia, northeast of Wissahickon Avenue (Township Line Road). Currently applied to area bounded by East Falls, Mount Airy, West Oak Lane, and Logan. Original center of area was at Germantown Avenue and Church Lane.1683
Germantown (R.D.A.)Bounded on the north by SEPTA's R7 railroad line, on the northwest by Sedgwick Street, on the west of SEPTA's R8 railroad line, on the southwest by Rittenhouse Street & Wissahickon Avenue, on the south by Hansberry & Green Streets, on the southeast by Berkley Street, Germantown Avenue and SEPTA's R7 railroad line, and on the east by Wister, Belfield, Magnolia, Church and Magnolia Streets.1963
Germany HillWestern portion of Roxborough from Parker Avenue to Fountain Street, Ridge Avenue to Schuylkill River.1980
GillietownVicinity of 27th & Dauphin Streets.
Girard EstateBetween Porter Street and Passyunk Avenue. Named after Stephen Girard whose South Philadelphia property was developed by the Board of City Trusts, trustee of the Girard Estate. 1920s
Girard PointLocated at the mouth of the Schuylkill River, once known for massive grain elevators.
GladwynSee Eastwick.
Glen WillowIn Manayunk in the vicinity of The Blocks.
GlenwoodVicinity of North Philadelphia Station to York Street.1990
Goat HillGermantown, east of Fenian Hill, in the vicinity of Somerville.
GodfreyVillage near Chelten Avenue and Wister Street. See also East Germantown.1890s
Good IntentVicinity of 46th & Market Streets, site of the Good Intent Mills.1849
GoosetownLocust to Pine Streets, 17th to 20th Streets.1825-1850
Grays FerryEast bank of the Schuylkill River, between Point Breeze and South Street. 1970s
Grays Ferry (R.D.A.)Bounded by Washington Avenue, Grays Ferry Avenue, Peltz Street, Schuylkill River, Reed Street, 34th Street, Tasker Street, 32nd Street, and the rear property lines of the houses on the south side of Tasker, 31st, Tasker, 29th, Morris, 25th, Tasker, Taylor, Reed and 25th Streets.1968
Green HillNortheast of Francisville, near 17th Street and Girard Avenue. 1808-1849
GreenlandVillage on west bank of the Schuylkill River near Ford Road.
GreenvilleVicinity of Powelton.1843
Greenwich Island Also known as Greenwich Point. Formerly Drufwe Island, Isle de Raisins, or Grape Island, the east end of which jutted into Delaware River. 1843-1899
GrubtownAlso known as Grubbstown. See Crescentville.
Gunner's RunSee Aramingo.
HaddingtonNorth of Market Street between 65th & 70th Streets.1816
Haddington (R.D.A.)Bounded by Haverford Avenue, Girard Avenue, 52nd Street, Market Street and 63rd Street1961-1963
Hamilton VillageAlso known as Hamilton Ville, Hamiltonville. Schuylkill River at Market Street west to 36th Street, between Lancaster and Woodland Avenues.1809-1843
Hamlet, TheAttempt to settle a village on Pell Hill farm, in the vicinity of Girard College.1811
HarisvilleOn Old York Road above Rising Sun Avenue.
Harper's HollowVicinity of 18th Street and Olney Avenue.
HarrisburgVicinity of Welsh and Ashton Roads. Started as a settlement for freed slaves.1843-1910
Harrowgate.Vicinity of Venango Street and Kensington Avenue, between Kensington and Frankford. Named after a 1780s health resort established there. 1888
HartranftLehigh Avenue to Diamond Street, Broad to Fairhill Streets.1970s
Hartranft (R.D.A.)Moyamensing Avenue, 20th Street, Pattison Avenue and Penrose Ferry Road1961
Hatshop HillSee Sunnycliff.
HawthorneBetween southwest Center City and Bella Vista.1970s
HeartsvilleVicinity of Frankford Avenue and Heart (now Hart) Lane, above Somerset Street.1843
Hell's KitchenNorth of Arch Street, west of 3rd Street. 1750
HelltownSee Cedar Grove.
HestonvilleAlong Lancaster Avenue south of George's Hill, the country seat, ca. 1800, of the Heston family.1843
High RueWest of Roosevelt Boulevard, between Bustleton Avenue and Welsh Road. 1980s
Hill, TheAlso known as Hill Community. African American section of Roxborough between Roxborough and Monastery Avenues, west of Manayunk Avenue. 1900
HitesvilleSee Jacksonville.
HollinsvilleVillage at intersection of Bristol turnpike and road from Tacony below Holmesburg. 1843-1861
Holme CircleIn the loop of Pennypack Creek at Holme Avenue and Welsh Road. 1980s
HolmesburgBelow Pennypack Creek, approximately at Rhawn Street and Frankford Avenue. Named for Thomas Holme, William Penn's surveyor, who settled there. 1843
HopkinsvilleVicinity of Haddington.
Hunting ParkSouth of Roosevelt Boulevard, east of Germantown Avenue, north of SEPTA's R7 railroad line.1976
Independence Mall (R.D.A.)Race to Chestnut Streets between 4th & 7th Streets1961
IrishtownSee Somerville
Irish TractVicinity of 18th & Wharton Streets
Ivy HillVicinity of Ivy Hill Cemetery, north of East Mount Airy. 1980
JacksonvilleAlso known as Hitesville. South of Nicetown, vicinity of Germantown Avenue. 1861
JewtownVicinity of Auburn and Weikel Streets, in Richmond.1870s-1940s
Juniata ParkAlso known as Juniata. South of Frankford Creek at Hunting Park and north of SEPTA's R7 railroad line, between Feltonville and Richmond.1946
KelleyvilleSee Cowtown.
KendertonVicinity of Broad Street and Germantown Avenue. Named for Kenderton Smith, lawyer and landowner. 1808-1861
KensingtonFrom Delaware River to Front Street, where Kensington Avenue bears northeast. Named by Anthony Palmer, an English sea captain. 1730
KingsessingSouth of railroad tracks and Baltimore Avenue to Woodland Avenue, west to Cobbs Creek. From the Native term for "place where there is a meadow." 1712
King VillageAlso known as Kings Village. Between Point Breeze and Grays Ferry.1980s
KirkbridesburgSee Bridesburg.
KnightsvilleOn Byberry-Bensalem turnpike at Moreland Road. Named for Leonard and Judge Jonathan T. Knight. 1843
KnorrVicinity of Oxford Avenue and Martins' Mill Road.1843
KriesheimSee Cresheim.

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