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64-9.5 Penn's Landing Files
8 cu.ft., 35 plans, index
This series includes the documents about the development of the Penn's Landing for approximatively 15 years, from the Piers through the Great Plaza to the Stairs and the Viaduct at Market Street Mall. These records include , for the different bids, questionnaires and financial statements for qualifying bidders, responses to the responsible bidders, lists of approved bidders, public works contracts, certificates of insurance, bid tabulations and specifications for each bid. Also included in these records are disbursement schedules, correspondence between the City of Philadelphia, the Old Philadelphia Development Corporation, the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation and different bidders, contract between these corporate bodies (agreement and agreement of amendment on contract), addendums, memorandums, letters of transmital, assigment of March 31, 1971, progress reports, construction project reports, feasability studies, permit from the Department of Army for the construction of piers ( river mile 99.4), appraisals, license agreements, invoices, minutes of the executive commitee meeting of October 26, 1982; from 1978 meeting with the contractors R.S. Cook, Keystone Engineering and Sokoloff, and; from Penn's Landing pre-bid conference of March 4, 1983, notice on public hearing, audits, reports on final audits, summary of preliminary analysis of jobs and tax, report on geotechnical investigation, appropriation journals, purchase orders, payrolls, bills, encumbrance document, receiving report and payment vouchers, fiscal capital budget, summary of capital budget, proposal sheet, forms for minority business utilisation statement; plans (blueprints) of the Great Plaza, the Overall Boring Layout, the Boring Location Plans, the Quay Dredging, the Lombard Circle, the Viaduct Stairs at Market Street Mall, the revision to Walkway, the South End Site Improvement, the Paving Repair, the Trash Station, the Irrigation System South End, the Harbor Master Kiosk, the Demolition of Subsurface Obstuctions and the Stairs and Paving; and photographs of a model for the development of the Penn's Landing and of the piers 9 & 11 before the dredging.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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