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[Record Group 63]

63.1 Annual Reports
1914, 1922, 1936-1938, 1943, 1947, 1948, 1952-1972, 1974, 1980-1986
35 volumes
For other Annual Reports between 1856-1938, see Record Series 60.1. Vols. 1952-1972 are published jointly with Record Series 63.2, Opinions of the City Solicitor.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.2 Opinions of the City Solicitor
97 volumes, index
Entries, addressed to City or County official requesting legal advice, briefly recapitulate point in question and present Solicitor�s opinion and points of law on which it is based. Volume 1973-1979 is �selected� and does not necessarily include all formal opinions, memoranda of legal advice, and tax rulings issued during this period. Also included is rough draft of 1954 and 1956 Opinions of the city Solicitor (1 cu. ft.).
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.3 Code of General Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia
6 volumes, index
First edition published 1956, second edition published and amended 1963, third edition published 1973 with amendments to 1983, fourth edition published 1985 with amendments to 1989. Reprint provisions of ordinances in effect as of publication date arranged under headings of codes on City-County Consolidation, air pollution, building, fire, health, housing, plumbing; regulation of businesses, trades and professions; regulation of individual conduct and activity; streets, traffic, water and sewer, zoning and planning, parks and recreation, public property, City contracts and purchasing, commerce (chiefly port and airport regulation); City finance, taxes and collection; City officers and employees; also added are lists of ordinances repealed, obsolete, or held invalid by courts.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.4 Code of General Ordinances, Work Papers
8 cu.ft.
Includes correspondence, advisory memos chiefly from department heads, manuscripts, and proof sheets.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.5 Deeds to City Property
ca. 1750 -
165 cu.ft., index
Folders on each property include deed and, variously, correspondence, copies of ordinances concerning its acquisition, brief of title, etc.
For similar records see Record Series 149.6
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.6 Register of City Property
c. 1905
1 volume
Entries for each property list address, description, grantor, price, date of deed, deed volume in which recorded, reason for acquisition, remarks normally concerning condemnation proceedings.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.7 Titles to Fairmount Park Lands
1 volume
Copies of deeds to lands acquired for park purposes 1869-1872.
Missing pp. 383-398. For similar records see Records Series 149.6
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.8 Reports on Titles to City Property
1810, 1840, ca. 1856
1 volume, index (1810 only)
1810 section traces titles of all City property (chiefly streets and public squares and landings) and includes many copies of deeds by which City received titles; 1840 report similar to that of 1810 but entries not as consistently full; 1856 report describes and provides short briefs of title for properties being considered for sale by City, many of which were acquired through City-County consolidation.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.9 Agreements
1 cu.ft.
Agreements chiefly with railroad companies for acquisition of land, abolition of grade crossings and construction of bridges, etc.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.10 Reports and Publications
1951-1963, 1996-1997
6 volumes
Index to Philadelphia Ordinances, 1854-1956;
Index to City Solicitor�s Opinions, 1883-1958, 2 vols.;
Zoning in Philadelphia, ca. 1960;
Philadelphia Home Rule Charter of 1951, as interpreted to 1963;
City Council Orientation: The Legal Structure of Local Government, 24 January 1996;
Legal Services Directory, December 1997
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.11 City Solicitor's Correspondence
September 1967 - April 1972
5 cu.ft.
Correspondence and memos chiefly with the Mayor, heads of City departments and with Chairmen of City boards and commissions which include the Solicitor's legal advice either in the form of City Solicitor's Opinions or of informal counsel, or which pertain to the review or drafting of legislation, enforcement of the City Code, defense of claims against the City or enforcement of claims on behalf of the City, and general administration of the Law Department.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
63.12 Claims Division.North Philadelphia Riot Claims Files
9 cu.ft., index
Claims against the City of Philadelphia for damage to real estate or theft of merchandise during the riot on Columbia Avenue on August 28th to 31st, 1964. The claims were made in accordance with Sections 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the Act of the General Assembly approved May 31, 1841, A typical claim file includes a copy of a complaint in trespass or complaint in assumsit which lists name of complainant, case term and number,name of plaintiff's attorney, and cause of complaint; evidence such as sworn statements of loss,copies of insurance claims, inventories,and receipts; form 28-63 (Rev. 4/64) which acknowledges receipt of claim; City forms 28-12 (Rev. 4/65), Order to Enter Appearance or 28-13, Jury Trial Demanded, which list the City's claim number and solicitor representing the City;copy of City's preliminary objections or answer and new matter of additional defendant City of Philadelphia, correspondence between Law Department and plaintiff's attorney; loss questionnaires valuation of inventory form which includes date of plaintiff's last inventory,amount of additional purchases to date,estimates cost of goods sold,inventory before loss,inventory taken after date of loss, type of insurer, amount of coverage,name and address of insurance agent, and accountant's name and address; request for investigation forms listing case number, name of complainant, name of investigator, type of loss, reason for investigation date investigation completed;form signed by City examiner and by owner, proprietor or agent of damaged property listing date of examination,time of examiner's arrival, address of property,name and address of owner, type of business, name and address of proprietor, proprietor's home and store telephone numbers Business name; indication whether business is sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or under fictitious name; name of insurance carrier; insurance broker's name, address, phone number; type of insurance carried,accountant's name and address,date of occurrence,names of witnesses, description of physical damage, amount of inventory lost; and signatures of examiner and owner, proprietor or agent; City form 2881A, Recommendation of Settlement,which lists date, claim file number, name of deputy city solicitor to whom recommendation was made, name of assistant city solicitor making it, date and place of occurrence of incident which resulted in claim, and specific reason for recommendation; form 28-41(Rev. 2/64), Feneral Release, which includes file number, date, amount of settlement, and signature of plaintiff: and a copy of a praecipe, addressed to the Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, which requested that the matter be marked settled in the court record and which includes term and number of case, name of plaintiff, and signature of attorney representing plaintiff.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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