Reports & Publications

[Record Series: 149.11]

Various reports prepared by or for the Fairmount Park Commission and publications about Fairmount Park. Includes:

  • "Sketch of Fairmount, Lemon Hill, and the Adjoining Grounds as a Public Park," 1855;
  • "Lemon Hill, in its Connection with the Efforts of our Citizens and Councils to obtain a Public Park," 1856;
  • "Report of the Committee on Plans and Improvements Upon the Extension of the Park" 1868;
  • "Committee on Land Purchases and Damages", 1896, 1897, 1900;
  • "Report of the Chief Engineer and Superintendent, 1878-1889";
  • "Franklin Fund", 1895 (photocopy of original at Fairmount Park);
  • "Proposed Speedway in Fairmount Park. 1901" (photocopy of original at Fairmount Park);
  • "Trees Planted in Memory and in Tribute Along the River Drive in Fairmount Park", 1933;
  • "Handbook of Parks, Squares, Buildings, Etc.", 1959;
  • "Plan for Adaptation of Memorial Hall", 1958;
  • the "Fairmount Park Master Plan: Summary," 1983;
  • "Fairmount Park Historical Quarterly", 1984; "The Fairmount Park Historical Quarterly" contains information about John Boelsen's House, 18th Century Gardens in Fairmount Park, Strawberry Mansion, Fairmount Waterworks, Fairmount Park Steamboats, the Light House at Turtle Rock, Herman Schwarzmann, and the dining pavilion at Belmont Mansion;
  • "Memorial Hall: A History", 1986.

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