Draughts, City Blocks

[Record Series: 90.6]

  • Remnant of a nine-volume series (including a reference volume) compiled by City Surveyor pursuant to Ordinance of August 16, 1814;
  • extant volumes contain large scale drawings of city blocks, streets, lanes and alleys, with all dimensions, of areas of City from the Schuylkill to the Delaware rivers between streets listed for each volume (i.e. Race to Arch, Market to Chestnut, Chestnut to Walnut, Spruce to Pine, Pine to South);
  • many drawings "taken from" plans of John Lukens, principal City Surveyor 1761-1774 (?);
  • some block plans include lot outlines and owners' names and dates regulated and/or City Plan number; other block plans blank, and whole series appears unfinished;
  • Market-Chestnut volume shows a proposed extension of Center (Penn) Square eastward to halfway between 12th and 13th streets; also shown, in all volume, are river and wharf outlines and some creeks.

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Draughts, City Blocks [90.6]
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