Plans, Perspectives, Benjamin Frankin Parkway

[Record Series: 90.12]


  • 1889 map of Paris showing public improvements 1871-1889 and a list of Public Works of Paris 1789-1889;
  • an artist's conception of 1892 of view along proposed Parkway from City Hall to Fairmount;
  • plan and section of 1910 of the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City;
  • plan (ca. 1910?) indicating proposed outlines of Parkway and all buildings to be demolished for its opening; 1919 plan indicating proposed roadways, side plots, plazas, Logan Circle development, and Art Museum;
  • 1925 plan similar to 1919 plan but much closer to present-day form indicating sites of Free Library of Philadelphia, Municipal Court Building, Academy of Natural Sciences, proposed site for Franklin Institute at southeast corner of 19th and Race Streets, an a proposed "Victory Hall" at site (northwest corner 20th and Race Streets) now occupied by Franklin Institute.

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