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Medical Care for the Needy, Mayor's Committee on

[Record Group 60-113-1]

60-113-1.1 Correspondence
1 volume, no index
Includes correspondence to and from Committee members, City and State health officials, hospitals, community organizations, and medical officials of other municipalities concerning problems confronting the Committee, appointment of consultants, health insurance, preparation of the final report, and statistics on needy in other cities; memos, announcements of meetings, lists of hospitals and health centers in each health district, report outlines and comments; an estimate of the number of medical needy in the City as of 24 March 1955, compiled by the Secretary of the Board of Health; and a copy of the Mayor's press release of 13 June 1956 announcing appointment of the Committee.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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60-113-1.2 Reports and Publications
7 volumes, partial index
Included are the following reports: Medical Care For the Needy, Parts I through V, October 9, 1956 and November 8, 1956; Report of Policy Committee on Medical Care For the Needy to the Mayor and City Council, February 5, 1957; Medical Care for the Needy: Emergency Service, April 18, 1958; Hospital Emergency Care of the Needy in Philadelphia: Report of Definition of Public Responsibility and Summary of Background Information Essential to Program Development, presented at the regular meeting of the Board of Health, April 24, 1958; Medical Care of the Needy, Emergency Service, May 9, 1958; Program Proposal, Emergency Medical Care for the Needy, September 15, 1958; Public Responsibility for Maternity Care in Philadelphia: Report of Study of Application of Recommendations of the Duane Report to the Publicly Financed Maternity Care Program with Special Reference to the Maternity Service of the Northern Division of Philadelphia General Hospital, (no date).
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Medical Care for the Needy, Mayor's Committee on [60-113-1]
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