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Sexual Minorities, Mayor's Commission on

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Agency Function
The chief function of the Commission is to study problems facing the sexual minority community in Philadelphia and make recommendations to the Mayor and other agencies regarding policy and legislation which would further the goal of obtaining equal rights for all persons, and in particular, sexual minority citizens; and to work with city agencies to end discrimination against sexual minority citizens in the public and private sectors in Philadelphia.

Agency History
The Mayor's Commission on Sexual Minorities was created by Executive Order 5-85, dated 23 February 1984 and amended on 7 June 1990. The composition of the Commission consisted initially of not more than 25 members including representatives from Departments of Public Welfare (1), Public Health (2), and Police (1), the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, and 12-15 representatives from the general community. In 1990, the language was revised to read "not less than 25 members."

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