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Mayor's Committee on Public-Private Financing of Child Care

[Record group 60-116-1]
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On 19 July 1961, Mayor Richardson Dilworth appointed a committee in response to a report approved by the Board of the Health and Welfare Council in 1960 entitled "Public-Private Financing of Child Care in Philadelphia." One of the specific recommendations directed to the Mayor dictated that "a broad, fully representative Committee be appointed to study the whole child care situation in Philadelphia from a long-range viewpoint and how the necessary services should be provided by the City, how purchased services should be paid for, and the appropriate sources of funds to pay for the services required."

This Committee was established by the Mayor to conduct this broad-gauged appraisal of child welfare in Philadelphia. A more specific focus was the financing of child welfare services for dependent and neglected children. The Committee's study extended to a broad examination of the volume, kinds, auspices, and costs of child welfare services; a consideration of the extent to which the present pattern of services is meeting the needs of socially disadvantaged children; and a conception of the Department of Public Welfare's role in carrying out the City's child welfare obligations.

Archival Records
60-116-1.1 Reports (1963)

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