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Aging, Mayor's Commission on Services to the

[Record group 60-111-1]
Agency Function
The duties of this commission include coordination of all municipal programs relating to services to the aging, advising the Mayor and all pertinent departments, boards and commissions with respect to proposed programs and projects and all other matters relating to the problems of the aging and private or governmental services which are or will be available for them, and to aid in the development of new programs for services to the aging, in cooperation with federal, state and local government and private agencies and persons.

Agency History
This commission was created under an ordinance approved by Mayor James H. J. Tate on 5 June 1968. The ordinance specified that it should be composed of an uneven number of members, not less than 11 nor more than 27 in number. The ordinance further recommended, but did not require, the appointment of the Welfare, Health, and Recreation Commissioners, the President of City Council, the President of the Philadelphia Board of Education, and the Chairman of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, and a representative of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO Council to the Commission. Under the Mayor's Executive Order 10-86, signed by Mayor W. Wilson Goode on 2 September 1986, the supervision and direction of all fiscal responsibilities of the Commission on Services to the Aging was shouldered by the Office of the Director of Finance.

Archival Records
60-111-1.1 Minutes (1987-1990)

60-111-1.2 Quarterly Reports (1989-1991)

Current Records

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