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Philadelphia Youth Services Board

[Record group 60-110-1]
Agency Function
The major functions of this committee were to coordinate the knowledge and service of all public and private agencies dealing with youth problems; to enlist the help of civic, religious, and other community groups in the work of combating delinquency; and to provide information on juvenile problems to the public.

Agency History
In 1954, the Mayor organized a committee - called the Philadelphia Youth Service Committee - composed of more than 200 public officials and private citizens concerned with juvenile delinquency. In 1956, under Mayor Richardson Dilworth, the name of the Committee was changed to the Philadelphia Youth Services Board. The Executive Committee of the Board was composed of 25 representatives from various city offices and private groups, such as the Municipal Court, Departments of Recreation, Police, Public Health, and Public Welfare, Development Coordinator, Managing Director, City Representative, City Council, Commission on Human Relations, District Attorney, Quarter Sessions Court, and Board of Education from the public sector, and Catholic Youth Organization, Philadelphia Crime Prevention Association, Philadelphia Board of Rabbis, Health & Welfare Council, and Philadelphia Council of Churches from the private side.

Archival Records
60-110-1.1 Annual Reports (1956-1957)

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