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Urban Homestead Program

[Record group 60-107-1]
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In 1973, Council passed legislation which established a municipal program that would serve as a comprehensive resource center for the rehabilitation of vacant properties by homesteaders. In July 1973, Mayor Frank L. Rizzo signed the Urban Homesteading Bill which permitted the city to acquire and make available to selected homesteaders vacant properties for the purpose of rehabilitating and occupying them for a minimum of five years. The Council ordinance called for the administration of the Urban Homestead Program by an 11-member Board and also provides for the establishment of an advisory council. The Urban Homestead Board disappeared by 1980. It may have become a part of the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD - Record Series 60.17).

Archival Records
60-107-1.1 Reports and Publications (1975)

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