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Police Advisory Board

[Record group 60-104-1]
Alternative/Former Names
Police Review Board

Agency Function
The purpose of the board is to provide a forum in which citizens can air grievances against alleged illegal police activity. The board hears cases based on charges of police brutality, racial or religious discrimination, or violation of state or federal constitutional rights. The board has traditionally had no enforcement powers, but merely recommended action to the Mayor, the Managing Director, or the Police Commissioner, depending on the nature of the recommendations.

Agency History
The first Philadelphia Police Advisory Board was an independent citizens' board reporting to the Mayor. It was first established by Mayor Dilworth on 1 October 1958, by letters of appointment, under the name of the Police Review Board. The board consisted of eight members who served without compensation and at the pleasure of the Mayor.

Challenges to the existence of the Board occurred on two occasions. The first in 1959, resulted in the change of the name from the Police Review Board to the Police Advisory Board. The second in 1965 resulted in a decision by the Common Pleas Court in 1967 invalidating the existence of the Board. Mayor Tate dissolved the Police Advisory Board by Executive Order 3-69 on 22 December 1969.

A second Police Advisory Board was created by Council and the Mayor in 1994.

Archival Records
60-104-1.1 Annual Reports (1958-1966 )

Current Records

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