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Civil Defense Board

[Record group 60-101-1]
Agency Function
This agency no longer functions under this name.

Agency History
The Civil Defense Council was the city agency responsible for the direction of the local civil defense effort. The function of the council was to recruit, train, and equip a civil defense organization capable of minimizing the effects of enemy attack and preserving or restoring maximum civilian support of a defense effort. It was also responsible for directing local rescue and relief action in cases of natural disasters. The Pennsylvania Assembly passed several acts approved on 19 March 1951 relating to civil defense procedures within the commonwealth. One act amended a previous act approved on 13 April 1942 which established state and local Councils of Defense.

The 1951 laws authorized the establishment of state and local civil defense councils. The Philadelphia Civil Defense Council was composed of the director, four regional directors, and 15 service directors. The director was appointed by the Governor upon recommendation of the Mayor. The other 19 council members were appointed by the director. In 1973, the functions of the Civil Defense Council were transferred to the Fire Department.

Archival Records
60-101-1.1 Annual Reports (1943, 1944)

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