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Inspector General, Office of the

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Alternative/Former Names
Performance Assessment, Office of

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Agency Function
The purpose of the office is to prevent or correct fraud, abuse, waste and mismanagement in the programs and operations of the government of the City of Philadelphia and to receive and investigate complaints concerning the operations of the City government. The office has the authority to receive and investigate criminal and/or serious integrity-related complaints of fraud, corruption, and abuse involving City employees/officials and contractors, vendors, and consultants doing business with the City. It is authorized to investigate all complaints in all departments, commissions, boards, and authorities under the Mayor's jurisdiction, in any quasi-governmental agency whose director is appointed by the Mayor, and in such other cases as the Mayor shall direct.

Agency History
The Office of the Inspector General was established on 22 May 1984 under Executive Order 10-84 and amended on 1 March 1985. The initial name of the office under Executive Order 10-84 was the Office of Performance Assessment. This name was changed effective 11 February 1985 under the amendment to the Executive Order signed 1 March 1985. Executive Order 2-89, signed on 14 March 1989, gave the Inspector General subpoena powers.

On 28 November 1994, under Executive Order 4-94, Mayor Rendell, invoking Section 4-106 of the Home Rule Charter, established the organization, mission and jurisdiction of the Office of the Inspector General. Section 4-106 of the Charter created the original Mayor's Office of Information and Complaints.

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