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Housing and Community Development, Office of

[Record group 60-17]
Agency Function
The Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD)'s duties include:
  • responsibility for the administration of contracts with public agencies, such as the Redevelopment Authority, Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation and subrecipient non-profit organizations; and
  • preparing various government reports, such as the Grantee Performance Report and the annual Final Statement and Plan Report which represents the OHCD's plan and corresponding budget for community development activities.

Administrative Subunits
The major organizational units of the Office in 1980 included:
The Citizen Participation Office
Community-sponsored projects
Conservation planning and management
Gift Property Program
Loans and Grants Department
Market Street East
Support units included:
Housing management
Public information

Agency History
The Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) was created in 1976 to coordinate and manage the city's Housing and Community Development Program. This new office succeeded the Development Coordinator's Office, which had the responsibility to formulate policies to combat deterioration and blight and to encourage commercial and industrial development.

Prior to OHCD's formation, the city's housing efforts had been undertaken by a variety of agencies. To coordinate these efforts more closely, OHCD was placed under the Mayor's Office, and given implementation responsibility in addition to the policy functions previously held by the Development Coordinator. Several of the most crucial housing programs were transferred from other agencies to OHCD; others are carried out by other agencies under contract to OHCD.

OHCD was also a response to the federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, which consolidated many of the categorical grants into a single block grant. Its primary responsibility is to manage the Community Development Block Grant.

For some additional records relating to OHCD see:
Philadelphia Citywide Development Corporation Neighborhood Advisory Committee/Project Area Committee

Archival Records
60-17.2 Reports and Publications (1977-1998)

60-17.3 Applications for Development Block Grants (1978-1998)

60-17.4 Grantee Performance Reports (1977-1997)

Current Records

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