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Housing Coordinator;
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Agency Function

Agency History
The Office of Housing Coordinator was established in 1954 as part of the Office of the Mayor. It was the responsibility of the office to formulate policy for a comprehensive attack on the problems of inadequate housing, blight, and neighborhood deterioration, and to establish priorities for a positive program by working with the various agencies in the field. In 1956, its duties were expanded to include long-range planning for commercial and industrial development as well as residential development, and the name of the office was changed to that of Development Coordinator. The Development Coordinator represented the Mayor in consideration of housing and redevelopment matters. Some of the functions of the Development Coordinator were later transferred to a newly created office of Deputy Managing Director for Housing, and the office itself was reconstituted in the early 1970s. Both offices of Development Coordinator and Deputy Managing Director for Housing were merged into the new Office of Housing and Community Development in 1976.

Overall planning of local governmental approaches to housing and redevelopment became particularly urgent with the enactment of the federal Housing Act of 1954. This act broadened the concept on which the national redevelopment program was based from merely clearance of blighted areas to include a whole gamut of operations - incorporated into a "workable program" - deemed necessary to prevent the spread of blight. The city placed the direction of creating and implementing this workable program into the Office of the Development Coordinator.

Archival Records
60-16-1.1 Annual Reports (1954, 1961, 1963-1965)

60-16-1.2 Files (1954-1970)

60-16-1.3 Leadership Program - Evaluation Project Files (1955-1960)

60-16-1.4 Community Development Administration. First Year Community Block Grant Prgram (1975)

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