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Alternative/Former Names
Information and Complaints, Mayor's Office of

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Agency Function
The functions of this agency include receiving, investigating, and seeking solutions for the complaints of citizens concerning the administration, operation, or services of the City's departments; in many cases referring such complaints to the responsible department and following through until the complaints are satisfactorily resolved; explaining to citizens the ordinances, rules, and regulations of the City, together with the legal rights and responsibilities both of City and citizen; and receiving and answering all types of requests for information concerning the City government, its services, and the services of state and federal agencies.

Agency History
The Mayor's Office of Information and Complaints (MOIC) was established in Section 4-106 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter of 1951. This section reads:
The Mayor shall establish an agency in his office for receiving and answering all requests for information about the City or its government. Such agency shall also receive and investigate complaints concerning the operation of the City government.
In 1984, the name of the agency was changed to the Mayor's Action Center. On 15 March 1985, in accordance with Executive Order 85-2, the Mayor's Action Center and the Mayor's Office of Consumer Services were merged into one entity.

Archival Records
60-14.1 Annual Reports (1953, 1963)

60-14.2 Citizens' Complaint Files (1956-1979, 1981, 1983, 1986)

60-14.3 General Files (1968, 1970-1971)

Current Records

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