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Literacy, Commission on

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Agency Function
The purposes of the Commission are to:
  • advise and counsel the Mayor on ways to promote literacy among Philadelphia residents and on public policies that affect literacy efforts;
  • provide a forum for discussing policy issues relating to the problem of illiteracy;
  • promote an awareness of the need for action;
  • encourage increased volunteer efforts on behalf of literacy; and
  • encourage private sector involvement and support of literacy efforts.

Agency History
The Commission on Literacy was established on 7 April 1983 by Mayor William J. Green under Executive Order 1-83. This Commission was composed of not less than 15 members appointed by the Mayor representing area educational agencies and institutions, libraries, businesses, labor, churches, job training, civic and community organizations. This Commission was abolished by Mayor Goode on 7 May 1984 under Executive Order 7-84 and reestablished on the same day with the same name, goals and purposes, and the same makeup of the Commission, under Executive Order 8-84.

Archival Records
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