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City Scholarship Committee

[Record group 60-13-4]
Agency Function
The purpose of the City Scholarship program has been to assist high school students who are qualified to go on to college but find it difficult or impossible to do so without financial assistance.

Agency History
In the final report of the Committee on Higher Educational Opportunities, one of the recommendations was the establishment of "an expanded program of assistance for qualified by financially handicapped high school graduates" which would include an annual allocation by the City for a number of new scholarships each year. On 15 May 1959, Mayor Richardson Dilworth, with the approval of the President of City Council, James H. J. Tate, appointed seven members to serve as the Philadelphia City Scholarship Committee. The Committee held its first meeting on 28 May 1959.

The Philadelphia Commission on Higher Education (R.S. 60.14.3) was instrumental in setting forth the principles for eligibility and the criteria for selection of candidates for awards. Awards from the program have been made primarily on the basis of family income and financial need.

Archival Records
60-13-4.1 Scholarship Applications; City Scholarship Program Files (1959/1960-1971/1972)

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