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Mayor's Scholarship Committee;
Free Scholarship Committee

[Record group 60-13-1]
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By the terms of an Ordinance approved 15 June 1910, scholarships given at the University of Pennsylvania, and good in any of the undergraduate schools, are awarded by the Mayor of the City to the most deserving students of the schools of Philadelphia. Approximately 25% of these scholarships were available annually. Under terms of agreements signed in the 1960s and 1970s, full scholarships were not awarded, but partial scholarships were awarded, based upon the need of the student. The total amount of the awards would be the equivalent of the total scholarship money available based upon a certain number of full scholarships (currently 125). (Note: According to court rulings in 1994, this does not mean that the University of Pennsylvania is required to give out a total of 125 full scholarships annually for a grand total of 500 scholarships at any given time - it does mean that the equivalent of 125 full scholarships will be active within the program at any given time.)

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60-13-1.1 Scholarship Applications (1931-1961)

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