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Agency Function
The Mayor's Office of Community Services (MOCS) provides a variety of program services to income-eligible clients. MOCS works toward eliminating poverty by offering job training and education programs, applying for utility or property grants and rebates, servicing as a commodity distribution network, providing translation services, and helps the disadvantaged find affordable housing, child care, legal services, medical attention, home repair services, drug and alcohol counseling. MOCS also operates a summer youth employment program. Various programs are funded which attract all ages such as the Foster Grandparents Program, Adolescent Initiatives and the Healthy Start Neighborhood Lending Closet for new mothers.

Agency History
The Mayor's Office of Community Services (MOCS) was created in late 1984 / early 1985 to replace the Philadelphia Allied Action Commission (PAAC). It continued many of the same programs initially started by PAAC. It operates 12 area neighborhood offices, and three advisory committees assist it with its mission: the Mayor's Office of Community Services Advisory Committee, the Foster Grandparents Advisory Council, and the West Oak Lane Senior Center Advisory Council. The first-mentioned is the successor to PAAC.

Archival Records
60-12-3.1 Annual Reports (1988)

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