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Transportation, Office of

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Agency Function
The functions of this office include:
  • advising, recommending and implementing the transportation agenda of the City of Philadelphia;
  • representing this agenda with and among funding and regulatory agencies;
  • recommending to the Mayor transportation projects essential to the economic growth of the City;
  • establishing a regional transportation forum;
  • communicating transportation concerns, policies and project development to the community and the region;
  • facilitating the exchange of information concerning transportation planning functions among federal, state and local agencies;
  • representing the Administration on all transportation-related committees; and
  • performing other tasks related to the planning of transportation policies and practices within the City of Philadelphia.

Agency History
A separate Office of Transportation was established on 25 January 1988 by Executive Order 1-88. The purposes of this office were to act as an advocate for transportation policies in the best interests of the City of Philadelphia and to act as a focal point for all transportation-related issues and activities. The chief of the office was designated as the Director of the Office of Transportation. During the Rendell administration, this position was occupied by a deputy mayor.

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