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Urban Traffic and Transportation Board

[Record group 60-11-2]
Agency Function
This agency has ceased to function. It laid the groundwork for the creation of the Passenger Service Improvement Corporation and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Agency History
Established as an advisory board to the Office of the Mayor by Mayor Joseph S. Clark in January 1954, pursuant to a Resolution of City Council passed on 17 December 1953, the Urban Traffic and Transportation Board was empowered to study existing traffic and transportation problems and to make recommendations for their solution. This resolution also required the Board to make interim reports and recommendations semi-annually; make recommendations for a sound, workable traffic and transportation program; and to consider and recommend upon the present governmental administrative organization for transportation, financial considerations, use of existing transportation modes, future planning efforts, integration of transportation into the City's Physical Development Plan, and a program of inter-county and inter-state cooperation.

Archival Records
60-11-2.1 Annual Reports (1954, 19571959)

60-11-2.2 Reports (1955-1960)

60-11-2.3 Correspondence and Files

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