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USCC - Women's Centennial Executive Committee

[Record group 230-8]
Agency Function

Agency History
The Women's Centennial Executive Committee was organized initially as an auxiliary committee to assist chiefly in the collection of funds, prior to the creation of the Centennial Board of Finance. The initial organization occurred on 16 February 1873. The Executive Committee formally recognized the existence of this Committee on 24 Feburary 1873 and full Commission followed with its formal recognition on 7 May 1873. The work of the Women's Committee was summarized by the Director-General as follows:

1. Obtaining subscriptions to the stock of the Centennial Board of Finance
2. Procurement of signatures to memorials praying the Legislature of Pennsylvania and City Councils of Philadelphia to make the appropriations towards the erection of the Exhibition buildings.
3. Creation of the Women's Pavilion, a special exhibition of women's work, apart from the other displays. The costs of this Pavilion were raised solely by this Committee.
4. Funding the music at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Exhibition.
5. Publication of a weekly newspaper and several books devoted to patriotic themes.
6. Erection of a school-house next to the Women's Pavilion, where a kindergarten was carried on throughout the Exhibition.

Archival Records
230-8.1Papers and Reports (1875-1876)

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