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Southwark, District of

[Record group 221]
Agency Function
The functions of the various districts, townships and boroughs were assumed by the Consolidated City of Philadelphia after passage of the Act of Consolidation on 2 February 1854.

Agency History

Archival Records
221.1 Board of Commissioners. Minutes (1829-1835)

221.2 Digest of Ordinances and Acts of Assembly (1849)

221.3 District Surveyor. Register (1786-1854)

221.4 Map of Part of District of Southwark (1826)

221.5 Maps. Area of Washington Avenue, Front Street, Greenwich Point Road, and Delaware River (1818, 1838, 1843)

221.6 District Treasurer. Accounts (1851)

221.7 District Treasurer. Cash Receipts (1854)

221.8 District Treasurer. Interest Payment on Loans Ledger (1829-1853)

221.9 District Treasurer. Loan Certificate Stubs (1832-1880)

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