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City Charter Review Advisory Committee

[Record group 176]
Agency Function
This Committee has ceased to function.

Agency History
A nine-member committee appointed by the President of City Council as an advisory body of City Council, as Committee of the Whole, pursuant to Resolution of Council No. 740 enacted 17 April 1986. The Advisory Committee was directed by the Resolution to hold public hearings, make a detailed study of all problems relating to the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and recommend to the Committee of the Whole any amendments, revisions, changes or other modifications of the Charter which the Advisory Committee deemed warranted, and to submit its recommendations and findings to the Mayor and public-at-large at the same time that it submitted them to the Committee of the Whole of City Council. The Advisory Committee held meetings between 1986-1989 and two sets of public hearings, in 1987 and 1988. It submitted its recommendations to the President of City Council and the Mayor on 20 September 1989.

Archival Records
176.1 Minutes (1986 - 1989)

176.2 Transcripts of Public Hearings (1987-1988)

176.3 Statements Made to City Charter Review Advisory Committee (1987)

176.4 Files (1986-1989)

176.5 Recommendations (1989)

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