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Philadelphia Pharmaceutical Examining Board

[Record group 175]
Agency Function
This board has ceased to function.

Agency History
Created by an Act approved April 4, 1872, the Board consisted of five persons appointed by the Mayor out of the most skilled and competent pharmacists at the time engaged in that business in Philadelphia. Three board members constituted a quorum. The term of each member was three years. The Board registered persons duly qualified under the Act to conduct a retail apothecary business, examined those who desired to carry on the business of a retail apothecary or that of retailing drugs, chemicals, poisons or of compounding and dispensing physicians' prescriptions touching his competence and qualifications for the purpose, and issued certificates of competency which would allow such persons to carry on business in the City of Philadelphia. The Board apparently continued in operation until superseded by the State Pharmaceutical Board which was created by an Act approved May 24, 1887.

Archival Records
175.1 Applicants for Examination (May 13, 1878-March 31, 1883)

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