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City Charter Revision Commission

[Record group 171]
Agency Function
This Commission has ceased to function.

Agency History
An eleven-member commission appointed in December 1972 by the Mayor and the President of City Council, under authority of a City Ordinance of May 20, 1970, to study problems concerning the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter (adopted 1951) and to make recommendations concerning its revision. The Commission held its first meeting of December 31, 1972, held public hearings from February through June, 1973, and presented its final report and proposals to the Mayor and President of City Council on July 13, 1973.

Archival Records
171.1 Transcripts of Public Hearings (1973)

171.2 Final Report of City Charter Revision Commission (1973)

171.3 Files (1973)

171.4 "City Charter History from Newspapers" (1956-1973)

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