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Treasurer of Girard Trust / Superintendent of Girard Trust

[Record group 170]
Agency Function
This function was assumed by the Board of City Trusts.

Agency History
The office of Treasurer of the Girard Trust was created by an Ordinance of September 15, 1832 to be filled annually by appointment of Councils and placed under the direction of Councils' standing Committee on the Girard Estate. It was succeeded by the office of the Superintendent of the of the Girard Trust, established by Ordinance of June 26, 1856, whose incumbent was similarly appointed and supervised. Both offices administered the funds devised to the City under the will of Stephen Girard in 1831, except for the monies designated for the construction and operation of Girard College. The office was abolished after the Act of June 30, 1869, P.L. 1276, which transferred control over all City trusts to the then-established Board of Directors of the City Trusts ( Record Group 146).

Archival Records
170.1 Warrant Stubs (September 1854-March 1867)

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