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Trustees / Directors of Girard College

[Record group 168]
Agency Function
This function was assumed by the Board of City Trusts.

Agency History
The Board of Trustees of Girard College was established by an ordinance of City Councils of January 10, 1833 to consist of the Mayor, the Presidents of Select and Common Councils ex officio, and of fifteen citizens chosen by Councils to staggered three year terms. In 1837 the citizen membership was increased to eighteen. The Trustees were charged chiefly with the preparation of a 'plan or a system of government and instruction" for the school, but were abolished in 1841 when the Commissioners of the Girard Estate (a standing committee of Councils established in 1833) assumed that function and, along with Councils' similar Committee for Building Girard College, carried on both the planning and construction of the school. On the completion of the buildings in 1847 Councils established the sixteen-citizen Board of Directors of Girard College, chosen by Councils to staggered four year terms. In 1856 the Board of Directors were increased to eighteen, elected to staggered three year terms. The Board of Directors was charged with, under the ultimate authority of Council's Committee for Visiting Girard college, the same duties as the Trustees had been, and with the administration of the school, the appointments of its staff, and the preparation of budget estimates and disbursals. On the creation of the Board of Directors of the City Trusts (see Record Group 146) by the Act of June 3D, 1869, P.L. 1276, the administration of Girard College was transferred to that Board.

Archival Records
168.1 Annual Report (1859-1869)

168.2 Warrant Stubs (February 1856-July 1859, June 1863-February 1869.)

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