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Zoning Commission

[Record group 167]
Agency Function
This Commission has ceased to function.

Agency History
Several bodies of varying memberships have been so named and were appointed by the Mayor in 1916, 1920, and 1924 in pursuance of an Act of May 11, 1915 to consider legislation regulating "the location, size, and use of buildings" within the City. In 1929 a seven-member commission was appointed in pursuance of an Act of May 6 of that year to prepare a comprehensive zoning ordinance. The Commission's final report of 1931 became the basis of the zoning ordinance of August 10, 1933 which formed a Bureau of Engineering, Surveys, and Zoning within the Department of Public Works to enforce its provisions and established the Zoning Board of Adjustment to hear appeals and grant variances from its regulations as necessary.

Archival Records
167.1 Tentative and Final Drafts, Proposed Zoning Ordinance (1931)

167.2 "Isometric View" Showing Relative Heights of Buildings in Central Philadelphia (December 1925)

167.3 Act of Legislature Authorizing Zoning in Cities of the First Class (1929)

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