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City Finances, Special Committee on

[Record group 150]
Agency Function
This Committee has ceased to function.

This Committee was given the power to review all of Philadelphia's financial administration. Some of its findings led to a call for a reorganization of the city government and the creation of the Philadelphia Charter Commission in 1949.

Agency History
Appointed by the Mayor and President of City Council pursuant to the Resolution of Council of 4 December 1947, and directed to determine if funds could be made available from City revenue sources to raise salaries of City employees; another Resolution of 1 March 1948 extended the life of the Committee and required that it extend its investigation to a review of the entire financial administration of the City government. The Committee's final report was presented to the Mayor and to City Council on 22 December 1948.

Archival Records
150.1 Minutes (December 1947 - December 1948)

150.2 Reports to Mayor and City Council (1948)

150.3 Reports Received by Committee of 15 (1948)

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