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Civil Service Commission

[Record group 147-2]
Agency Function
The Civil Service Commission, established by the City Charter, consists of three members appointed by the Mayor. Its principal responsibilities include:
  • serving as an appellate tribunal for employee appeals,
  • ruling on proposed civil service regulations and modifications of City employee classification and pay plans,
  • ruling on requested exemptions from civil service and the City's residency policy, and
  • advising the Mayor and Personnel Director (whom it appoints) on human resource management issues.

Agency History
An Act of 5 March 1906 replaced an earlier Civil Service Board with a Civil Service Commission, composed of three members appointed by the Mayor, empowered to formulate and enforce regulations, minimum experience requirements, and position specifications for those classes of City employees placed under their purview. The City Charter of 1919 designated the Commissioners as appointees of City Council but the Charter of 1951 returned that appointive power to the Mayor who makes his choices from among candidates submitted to him by the Civil Service Panel. The Commissioners appoint a Personnel Director to head the Personnel Department, and retain a power of review over and investigation into the Department's operations.

Archival Records
147-2.1 Annual Report (1906-1945, 1952-1984, 1986-1992)

147-2.2 Publications and Reports (1912-1953)

147-2.3 Position Specifications (1945-1951)

147-2.4 Minutes (1906-1952)

Current Records

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