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City Trusts, Board of Directors of

[Record group 146]
Agency Function
The Board of Directors of City Trusts manages all money or other property left in trust to or with the City of Philadelphia and administers these trusts. Altogether the Board administers over 110 separate trusts, including the Stephen Girard Estate, which provides income to support Girard College, and the James Wills, Jr., fund for Wills Eye Hospital. The other trusts are for a wide variety of charitable purposes including the awarding of scholarships, medals and prizes to pupils of Philadelphia public schools; distribution of food and fuel to the poor; care of the sick and convalescent; and maintenance of Independence Hall and Penn Treaty Park.

Agency History
Created by an Act of Assembly of June 30, 1869 to exercise all of the duties, rights, and powers of the City concerning legacies for which it was designated trustee and succeeding to and consolidating the functions of the Directors of the Girard College for Orphans and Girard Estate. The Board was composed primarily of twelve appointees of the Court of Common Pleas and of the Mayor and the President(s) of City Council(s) ex officio. The City Treasurer was designated the Board's treasurer; he had served the Board's predecessor bodies in the same manner. In 1957 the administration of the estate of Stephen Girard was removed from the Directors' control by the Orphans Court and transferred to a newly-established board of thirteen private trustees appointed by that court; in 1968 those trustees were abolished and it was restored to the City's Directors.

The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, in Chapter A-1, Section A-100, exempted the Board of City Trusts from all provisions of the Charter, unless specifically mentioned.

Archival Records
146.1 Annual Report (1870-1961, 1967, 1968, 1970-1978, 1986-1995)

146.2 Reports and Publications (1924 - 1970)

146.3 Warrant Stubs. Girard College Expenditures (September 1870 - November 1874)

146.4 Warrant Stubs. Girard Estate Expenditures (October 1870 - June 1876)

146.5 Girard Estate Mining Engineer and Agent. Annual Report (1955)

146.5 Girard Estate. Mining Engineer and Agent. Annual Report

146.6 Board of Directors of City Trusts. General Manager. Annual Report (1953-1955)

146.7 President, Girard College. Annual Report (1949, 1954, 1956)

Current Records

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