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Philadelphia Charter Commission

[Record group 143]
Agency Function
This Commission has ceased to function.

The Commission was directed to formulate and propose a new charter for the government of the City and County of Philadelphia and to report its recommendations to the Governor and the Assembly prior to the opening of the 1939 legislative session.

Agency History
Created by an Act of Assembly of April 13, 1937 and composed of fifteen members, ten of whom were appointed by the Governor, three by the Speaker of the House and two by the President pro tem of the Senate. The Commission submitted its final report in December 1938 to the Governor and General Assembly of Pennsylvania. While some of these proposals formed the basis for features of the City Charter adopted in 1951 the Commission's recommendations were not adopted at the time.

Archival Records
143.1 Official Report (December 1938)

143.2 Official Report, Summary (1938-1939)

143.3 Reports Prepared by the Philadelphia Charter Commission (1937-1938)

143.4 Reports Prepared for the Philadelphia Charter Commission (1937-1938)

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