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Art Commission

[Record group 140]
Alternative/Former Names
Art Jury

Agency Function
The Art Commission has the power of approving or disapproving the following: works of art acquired by the City; design and location of buildings, bridges, etc. to be paid for in part or in whole from the City Treasury; structures or fixtures to be erected over highways, streams, lakes, squares, parks or other public places within the city; the removal, relocation, or alteration of any City-owned work of art. The Commission periodically examines City monuments and works of art and makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Public Property.

Agency History
Established by an Act of May 25, 1907 and composed of eight members appointed by the Mayor and the Mayor ex officio, the Art Jury was given authority to prohibit the City's acquisition of any work of art if it did not approve of the work or of its proposed location. An Act of 1913 extended the Art Jury's authority to the approval of any structure financed by public funds or of any structure, private or public, to be erected in proximity to facilities such as parks, etc. Upon the adoption of the present City Charter in 1951 the Jury was made a departmental commission, under the title of the Art Commission, of the Department of Public Property, retaining all of its former functions and powers.

Archival Records
140.1 Minutes and Agendas (1957-1960, 1965, 1968-1972)

140.2 Annual Reports (1911-1969, 1975, 1976, 1978-1980)

140.3 Submissions (1911 - 1960, 1964 - 1970)

140.4 Correspondence and Memoranda (1914-1915, 1918-1919, 1956-1960, 1972-1973)

140.5 Architectural Plans (1962-1981)

140.6 Reports and Publications (1913, 1929, 1991)

Current Records

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