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[Record group 98]
Agency Function
The Aquarium no longer functions. It was established to care for and maintain an aquarium established in the Fairmount Water Works. No city agency assumed the function of the Aquarium after it closed in 1963.

Agency History
Establishment of this institution was provided for under a joint resolution of the Pennsylvania Legislature which donated to the City of Philadelphia, for use as an aquarium, the mounted specimens of fish and animals and tanks used by the Pennsylvania Department of Fisheries at its exhibit at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. This resolution also authorized the Commissioner of Fisheries to supply living Pennsylvania fish for the aquarium. An Ordinance of Councils of March 16, 1911 established the Aquarium by providing for the transfer, from the Department of Public Works to the Department of the Mayor, of the Fairmount Water Works, the standpipe or water tower, the Greaves' Mansion, the forebay of the Water Works, and one turbine wheel and pump and all water pipes connected therewith for the purpose of a public aquarium and museum. By an Ordinance of March 29, 1912 the construction, equipment, and maintenance of the Aquarium were committed to the Commissioners of Fairmount Park. The Aquarium continued under the Commissioners' jurisdiction until its close on January 1, 1963.

Archival Records
98.1 Superintendent's Correspondence Files (September 1911 - August 1919)

98.2 Accounts (November 1911 - December 1929)

98.3 Specimen Register (1912-1915)

98.4 Assistant Superintendent's Day Report (19 November 1917 - 17 June 1918)

98.5 Fairmount Park Aquarium. Engineer's Report (24 February 1915 - 29 February 1916; 17 November 1917 - 15 June 1918)

98.6 Fairmount Park Aquarium. Day Attendant's Report. (26 February 1915 - 19 February 1916)

98.7 Fairmount Park Aquarium. Night Attendant's Report (19 February 1915 - 28 February 1916)

98.8 Fairmount Park Aquarium. Night Watchman's Report (18 November 1917 - 17 June 1918)

98.9 Plans for New Aquarium. (1955)

98.10 Photographs (ca. 1955)

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