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Wharves, Docks, and Ferries, Department of

[Record group 92]
Agency Function

Agency History
Established pursuant to an Act of June 8, 1907, with the functions, transferred to it from the Bureau of City Property of the Department of Public Safety, of maintaining the City's waterfront property, collecting rental fees for the use of its wharves and storage facilities, and regulating rates of ferriage. The operation of the City's Ice Boats was at the same time transferred to the Department from the abolished Bureau of City Ice Boats of the Department of Public Works. The Department was abolished under the terms of the City Charter adopted in 1951 and its functions transferred to the then-established Port Division of the Department of Commerce.

Archival Records
92.1 Annual Reports (1914, 1915, 1920-1923, 1948, 1949)

92.2 Unimproved Properties on Delaware River, Allegheny Avenue to Poquessing Creek (1929)

92.3 Delaware River. North and South Wharves (ca. 1930, 1947)

92.4 City maps (1918, 1923)

92.5 Scrapbooks (1913-1953)

92.6 "The Port of Philadelphia" (1926)

92.7 Map of the Delaware River District (1918)

92.8 Licenses (7 March 1908-28 December 1951)

92.9 Monthly Sailings From the Port of Philadelphia (Jan. 1949 - Jan. 1952)

92.10 "News of the Port of Philadelphia" (1949)

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